about nicky boehnisch

~ designer  artist  goldsmith  jeweller ~

nicky boehnisch"From the beginning, I loved the idea of creating something beautiful and unique with my hands..."

Born and raised in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Nicky Boehnisch’s keen eye for beauty drew her to nature at an early age. And while she considered a career as a marine biologist, her skill and passion for jewellery design won her over.

Nicky graduated with distinction from Russel Road Art College and completed a five-year apprenticeship at Francarlo’s Jewellery in Port Elizabeth. Once qualified as a goldsmith, Nicky moved to London, England, to earn her Masters in Fine Jewellery and Precious Stone Setting at the internationally acclaimed Sir John Cas University. While based in the UK, she travelled throughout Europe, learning about the cultural differences in jewellery design along the way.

During her travels, she purchased a tin with a beautifully rugged summit from an undisclosed location. And as fate would have it, a spontaneous decision to come to Canada eventually brought her to the home of that mountain better known as Mount Rundle - Banff’s iconic peak. She’s been there ever since.

Nicky has earned her GIA Diamond Grading and has quickly built a reputation for quality, originality and craftsmanship, with pieces worn by people all over the world. And after creating under the auspices of others, enjoying marriage and motherhood, Nicky has spread her wings and has launched Forged Storm Custom Jewellery LTD.

If you can imagine it, Nicky can create it. For a private consultation, contact Nicky at 403 763 9058.